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In the fourteenth century, a horrific plague swept out from the barbaric East to decimate the great nations of Europe. This killer that spared no man, woman, or child -- the Black Death -- is well-known and documented. But there was also a second disaster that occurred at the same time, no less brutal than the Black Death, a living plague that killed without mercy which has gone untold and unrecorded -- until now. A plague consisting of a horde of monstrous beasts unlike any seen before, or since: a plague of dragons.


This lavishly illustrated volume tells the story through a lost manuscript and accompanying artwork by fourteenth-century French wine merchant and confidant of popes and kings, Robertus of Avignon (1320.1387), found in the Historical Museum of New York in 2005. Discovered in a box of artifacts, historical documents, and original illustrations purchased by the museum in 1922, his illuminated manuscript and more than two dozen illustrations are reproduced in this spectacular volume that brings to life in great detail the majestic, domineering, and dangerous qualities of dragons.

Featuring the breathtaking images of best-selling fantasy art illustrator Tom Wood and written by prolific author Robert Weinberg, this vibrant and remarkably original book is sure to be a must-have for dragon lovers and historical fantasy fans alike.

Editorial Reviews

"Hellfire: Plague of Dragons will satisfy the demand for fantasy stories, resplendent with excellent artwork."

"This is an incredibly handsome book, an oversized hardcover tome whose design recalls an ancient grimoire or illustrated manuscript. The grandeur and awesome terror of the dragon is successfully evoked by artist Tom Wood, whose paintings and drawings accompany this epic tale. Mature readers with a taste for fantasy and a love for one of mankind.s oldest and most universal monsters will find much to like here."

"I realize this was a book about the dragons, first and foremost. In that regard, it did very well. With each dragon came a new fear as it attacked without regard to anything, including it.s own safety. There were a couple dragons that seemed to be of a more intelligent nature rather than pure rage and instinct. I enjoyed the differences and diversity of the dragons, as well as the methods used by the Dragon Hunters to kill the menaces."

"The artwork was stunning. I felt like I should recognize some of the people who were so lifelike. The brilliance of the colors and poses of the dragons make you wish you could hang the pictures on the wall rather than turn the page to continue reading."

"Truly, if you like dragons, crusades, medieval Europe, and the fight to survive the quest, then you.ll enjoy this book. If you enjoy brilliant fantasy artwork, you need this book. It was a good choice for me."